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                       VVS Jewels Pvt Ltd is a family jewelry brand based in Kandivali West, Mumbai. It specializes in providing authentic and conflict free diamonds and beautiful designs divided into array of collections like adam, advika, atosi, elara, eva and more which epitomize the modern-day woman and represent class, confidence and zeal. The brand was established by Shri Rashminbhai Shah, Shri Ghanshyambhai Patel and Shri Uday Laladiya as a diamond manufacturing company and back in 2010 they choose to bring the experience to the whole sale market. VVS’s name was inspired by the VVS measurement of diamond quality - a diamond is classified as such when it is determined to be completely free of small inclusions and therefore, pure and of the highest quality – which is what sets the brand a cut above the competition. The brand also prides itself over its incredible mix of exquisite craftsmanship and state- of-the-art manufacturing technology. Each piece from VVS Jewels is unique, ultra-fine and top of the line. Each product is certified and is sold with an IGI certificate as a token of trust. With an option for every occasion, taste and lifestyle – VVS Jewels encourages value, variety and style.


                       VVS Jewels consists of a grand total of 200 employees, including the two factories and the back office staff. It sets itself apart from the competition with USP’s such as exclusive designs divided into a wide range of collections, quality, product cost, finishing and after sales service. VVS Jewels caters to everyone, with product prices ranging from 10k to 20 lakhs. The most popular piece of jewelry sold by VVS Jewels was the finger ring from the Eva collection – which was loved and adored for its exquisite design and craftsmanship.



                       At VVS Jewellers, we pride ourselves on selling Nothing Less Than Extraordinary designs to our customers. Our diamond jewellery designs are the best in the business and we have reasons to back up our claims too!

                       Our diamond jewellery products are graded E-F on the colour spectrum, making it one of the best colours. Our diamond jewellery is also graded VVS (Very Very Slightly Inclusive) for clarity, which is the highest rating possible for diamond jewllery. We also back it up by providing you with an IGI lab certification with every product sold, which cements the quality of our products on a global level. And last, but certainly not the least, we are wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers of diamonds and diamond jewellery, which allows us to sell our products to you at rates which are 20% less than the market price!